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How to grow your online coaching business with ease, flow and stability using this NEW platform for coaches, by coaches.

No fluff training or salesy “stuff”, just value for your business and an offer to help you reach your potential with more ease and freedom…

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The 6 pillars of growing your coaching business and a simple strategy, built by those who’ve done exactly what you want to do in your life and business.

How to use a simple platform to enroll and schedule new clients, receive payments upfront, create recurring revenue streams and optimize & streamline the delivery of your online services.

How streamlining your business can bring ease to your day-to-day.

How to keep your clients engaged in a single environment that realizes higher lifetime value, ensuring recurring revenue and long-term client satisfaction.

How to increase your coaching business revenue and profit while also reducing thousands in expenses (and a bunch of headaches while you’re at it).

What happens to your business when you leverage easy-to-use coaching software, live business trainings that guide you from point A to B in your business, and a community of like-minded coaches…

A deeper look at the landscape of the next few years of online coaching and how to prepare for the evolution of consciousness facilitated by coaches, like you.

We’re Cohere, an all-in-one sales, scheduling, and delivery platform for coaches - and we know that you see free trainings “pitched” every single day to you…

In 2015, I started my first group program...
Since then I've helped build 1000's of high-ticket group programs, masterminds...

When you’re scaling a business, software, technology and the right platforms for your 1-on-1 and group programs could make or break your progress.

Cohere is a platform that allows you to easily manage your clients and give them an amazing experience, no matter if you’re running a group offer, mastermind or 1 on 1… 

Cohere does an amazing job of being the HQ for both you and your clients.

What the experts are saying:

What is COHERE? 

Our Mission Is To Elevate Human Consciousness

Our vision is to support the transformation of millions of clients lives, across the world. Cohere is a technology company that provides an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to sell, deliver, and scale coaching services. We are committed to empowering coaches with the next generation of tools needed to market and scale services for lasting impact on peoples’ lives.

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This quick video training runs less than 15 minutes, and what you’ll discover in it has the potential to make this your most profitable, successful year yet while bringing you closer to your business vision than ever before.


This is different from anything you’ve seen.

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- Scott Oldford

Anette Oran is a Certified Life Coach, Business Coach, Speaker, and Co-Founder & VP of Coaching Partnerships at Cohere.  She started her first online coaching business in 2015 in the fitness space and in 2017 transitioned to help other coaches in the industry launch their own online businesses leveraging the power of social media. Anette and Paul met in 2017 and married in 2018. In 2020, Anette officially joined the Cohere team and has since coached thousands of online coaches across the world on how to successfully launch, sell, market, and grow coaching businesses through organic marketing, systems, and inner work.

Who are we to share this with you?

Anette Oran
Co-founder and Business Coach at Cohere

Paul Oran founded Cohere in 2019. Cohere was founded with a vision to elevate human consciousness by helping coaches, teachers, and healers connect with and serve more clients across the world. After watching his wife, Anette, launch and grow her online coaching business and the challenges encountered on the journey, it became clear that there could be an easier, faster, and less expensive way to grow online and impact more lives through the power of technology. Together, Paul and Anette continue to grow the Cohere platform and community, an all-in-one that makes it easy for any coach, anywhere, to sell, schedule, and deliver their online services with ease. Cohere builds on Paul’s track record of uniting vision and execution to bring cutting-edge technologies in service of humanity. Before Cohere, Paul created and commercialized next-generation diagnostic healthcare tests in the early 2000's and founded and scaled a successful software Telehealth company the years following. 

Paul Oran
Ph.D. Founder and CEO at Cohere

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We’re excited to share this with you…

This quick video training runs less than 15 minutes, and what you’ll discover in it has the potential to make this your most profitable, successful year yet while bringing you closer to your business vision than ever before.