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Discover A New Way to Grow And Scale Your Coaching and Consulting Business…

An inside look at a new software that takes care of the 'busy work', to help you scale, reduce costs, increase customer retention and create ease for you & your clients.

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How to use this simple tool to help you reduce the friction with your clients, make it easy to manage your coaching and minimize the costs of running a coaching business. 

A simple process to setup and launch your offer in minutes and hit the ground running with your clients today.

How to use this platform to increase your revenue, profit and be able to keep your clients more engaged in a safe environment with higher lifetime value.

A deeper look at the landscape of the next few years of online coaching, its perils and unique opportunities most businesses will never see coming.

Inside this FREE on-demand training, Business Mentor Scott Oldford reveals:

I’ve helped a lot of Entrepreneurs online scale.

I’m talking 1000’s.

People come to me when they want to get clarity and focus and a strategy that will actually work. Not just for the business, but for their life.

Because it’s not just about revenue and profit. It’s about enjoying the business and your life as well.
My mentorship and what I teach is embodied not in a one-size-fits-all, rather, an integrative approach of frameworks, methods and modalities that shape are who you are and your strengths and gifts.

Outside of being an Entrepreneur and Mentor, I’m an advisor and investor in a variety of companies in all niches that are related to the expansion of consciousness.

Who am I to share this with you?

What is COHERE? 

Our Mission Is To Elevate Human Consciousness

Our vision is to support the transformation of millions of clients lives, across the world. Cohere is a technology company that provides an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to sell, deliver, and scale coaching services. We are committed to empowering coaches with the next generation of tools needed to market and scale services for lasting impact on peoples’ lives.

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This quick video training runs less than 30 minutes, and what you’ll discover in it has the potential to make this your most profitable, scalable year yet while bringing you closer to your clients than ever before!