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Scott Oldford
Celestial 250+

Laura & Shelby
Enlighten 150+

Allyson Byrd
Empower 50+

Felicia Romero
Empower 50+

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Scott Oldford
Partner Tier: Celestial

Scott Oldford, one of the world’s top business advisors & mentors, is the creator of various frameworks for scaling Online Businesses. He’s helped scale 100s of businesses beyond 7-figures.

8-Figure Expert Mentor, Advisor and Investor

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Laura & Shelby
Partner Tier: Enlighten

Laura Minard and Shelby Kurz are both Board Certified Nurse Coaches equip the Nurse Coach Community with the practical steps and mindset shifts so that they can leave their traditional nursing gig and create a lucrative life as a nurse coach.

The Founders of Successful Nurse Coaches

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Allyson Byrd
Partner Tier: Empower

Allyson is a Conscious Voice Alchemist, speaker, trainer, and is celebrated as one of the world’s most trusted leadership advisors and sales experts.

Motivational Speaker and Coach

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Felicia Romero
Partner Tier: Empower

Fitness and business coach who has helped hundreds of women create an online fitness biz w/ clarity & alignment.

Wellness and Business Coach

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