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Some of the biggest problems female entrepreneurs face when getting started...

Scaling their business, while not burning out. Ensuring their clients actually get results. Allowing for a business model that works for them. Ensuring that the business feels aligned.

The truth is if you have the wrong model and build a coaching business without the “right” framework, you’re either going to burn out, or never have enough time to enjoy life.

Having mentored a lot of successful coaches, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t for scaling their business.

We Know What Actually Works

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of models for running an online coaching business. In a successful coaching business you should be building time-freedom, profit, audience, influence and impact. Automatically.

We Want To Show You Exactly How To Start Your Spiritual Online Coaching or Service Based Business

Grow your business in a proven way that feels aligned while bringing profit and a ripple of impact for those people you help.

If You Want To Start Your Online Business It Requires Three Major Elements

The RIGHT marketing and sales that allows for new clients to find and want to work with you each and every week.

The RIGHT framework for being able to fuel the business, fuel you and fuel your clients in a way that is leveraged while building intimacy that allows for clients who love you.

The RIGHT mindset for scaling and being able to go from being just a coach to a full-fledge Entrepreneur who can build a business and not just have a job.

Without these 3 things, it's not impossible - yet a lot harder to get your business off the ground.

We Built This Workshop for the Spiritual Female Entrepreneur in Mind

For those who help others transform in their life, relationship or business.

What You'll Learn in the Workshop...

  • Relevancy and the 8 core elements of relevancy and how to build them easily and effortlessly both in your marketing and your “sales” no matter if someone has known you for 5 minutes or 5 years.
  • How to use “consciousness-oriented” messaging, selling and delivery to get the highest level of results.
  • The 3-way pyramid that allows you to get massive results for your customer, super high profit margins and a lifestyle that truly fits you and your family.
  • The 4-step framework that allows you to build a business model that doesn’t break as you grow your business.
  • Business scaling framework that allows you to use 6 pillars to easily and effectively scale without breaking everything.
  • The structure of effective 1 on 1’s, Masterminds, Group Programs and everything in-between that allows for massive scale.
  • How to use a marketing and sales framework that has helped build 100’s of 7+ figure businesses specifically in the coaching world.
  • How to enroll new clients no matter which level as a coach you are.
  • The 4-Step Close Mindset Methodology allows you to use the pick-up, lift-off strategy to easily allow people to understand themselves, so they can buy your coaching and feel EPIC about it.
  • How to automate and simplify technology and automation, no matter if you’ve never used fancy technology to ensure you deliver a world class experience.

…and a lot more.

What’s Included...

LIVE Workshop

With a full 4K High Definition replay that you can view at any time in the future, including full show notes and written transcript.

Access to a LIVE Q&A Call

With a full recording of an entire 2 hours of answers to any of your questions.

Hours of Additional Bonus Training Materials

Support from workshops of other courses that cost thousands of dollars.

It's absolutely free to join us!

Spots are limited.

Who are we to teach this stuff?

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In Partnership With

This workshop is in partnership with Cohere, a platform for coaches and mentors to optimize the marketings, sales, delivery & operations of their business.

Our Workshops Are Epic

This one won’t be any different. No fluff, just strategies and frameworks you can implement right away.

Ready Goddess?

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