Hey Coaches! Ready to Learn How to Sell Your Coaching With Certainty?


Learn How to Breakthrough to Your Next Level of Impact & Income Online & Finally “Crack The Code” With Your Marketing and Sales!

Join us LIVE on August 24th or get lifetime access to recordings!

Join us LIVE on August 24th!


In this FREE workshop, you'll learn how to implement a proven sales framework, so that…

  • You can sign more high-ticket clients in your business.

  • You can do the work you love and came here to do on an even BIGGER level.

  • You have systems that work for you, help you scale, and buy you back time and money for your business.

  • You know exactly where to focus your time + energy to scale your marketing and sales. 

  • You feel certainty in yourself and in your sales process & are empowered knowing you are making a huge difference in peoples lives through your work!

  • You create an even bigger impact & help your ideal clients create epic results in their lives.

    Ready for your next level? 

The schedule...

Join us on August 24th and 25th starting at 11am PST Here's the breakdown




With Guest Expert:
Niyc Pidgeon

11AM  – 1PM PST 

*Replay will be available by EOD*


DAY 2 


With Cohere Co-Founder: Anette Oran

11 AM – 12PM PST

*Replay will be available by EOD*

What's included?

Included in this workshop, you'll have access to...

 2 LIVE WORKSHOPS, along with lifetime access to all replays that you can view at any time in the future, as well as special bonuses for attending live.

LIVE COMMUNITY ACCESS Join the ‘Sell Your Coaching with Certainty’ Workshop Community inside Cohere & get support and empowerment from coaches across the world. 

LIVE BONUS Q&A CALL Ask questions LIVE and get immediate feedback and support.

SPECIAL BONUSES including additional resources, templates and support for attending LIVE!

Meet Your Workshop Coaches!

Niyc Pidgeon

Niyc Pidgeon is an Award Winning Author, Positive Psychologist & 7-Figure Business Mentor to 1,000's of coaches online.

She's the Founder of the Positive Psychology Coaching Academy and Global Brand, Unstoppable Success.

Niyc specializes in all things digital marketing & sales and will be teaching some of her TOP frameworks LIVE at the workshop!

Anette Oran

Anette is the Co-Founder and VP of Coaching Partnerships at Cohere & Business Mentor to Coaches.

She specializes in helping coaches start and scale their online business with organic marketing, systems and inner work.

She's helped 1000’s of coaches start and scale their businesses using the frameworks that she'll be teaching inside this workshop.

This Workshop is FREE to attend.

Right now, you can get it completely free, with replays and lifetime access. 
After August 24th, the workshop will be $47.

What is COHERE?

Our Mission Is To Elevate Human Consciousness

Our vision is to support the transformation of millions of clients lives, across the world.  Cohere is a technology company that provides an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to sell, deliver, and scale coaching services. We are committed to empowering coaches with the next generation of tools and coaching needed to market and scale services for lasting impact on peoples’ lives.

Ready to breakthrough to your next level of impact & income & create a roadmap to consistently hit your sales goals with certainty?

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