Hey it’s Anette here… 


2024 is underway and inside the Cohere Academy we’ve been deep into getting our businesses ready and launched. 

But there’s one thing I’d like to talk about today…

And that’s how many folks join excited, passionate about becoming a coach, healer, teacher…

But as they get started, find it hard to launch their offers, they lack the confidence to close clients, and for some they don’t even make it past the stage of serving clients.

Why is this and what causes it? 

It all comes down to identity.

Whenever we go through a period of change it requires letting go of the past and stepping into our future self. 

This change is scary.

But how quickly we’re able to make this transition will determine how fast we move and create the life we want. 

I’ll share 2 examples from my journey. 

My first big identity shift came in 2015 when I had to go from the “normal” world to becoming a coach and online business owner. 

This was so hard because I didn’t know anything about sales, marketing, leading, or building systems–it was all new and so uncomfortable.

It took a couple of years to really find myself. But I did and a lot of it is just giving yourself permission to take messy, imperfect action. 

Then in 2020 I went from solopreneur to Co-founder of Cohere. A SaaS business (& quite frankly, I didn’t even know what SaaS meant prior to this 😉 – software as a service). 

All I felt throughout the first year was “who am I to do this…”. I had MASSIVE imposter syndrome and second-guessed everything! 

Thankfully I had my amazing husband, Paul supporting me. 

 And when I was able to fully step into this new identity, everything became easier. 

 Not only was I able to move forward fearlessly, but growing the business, closing more clients and doing what was needed became easier. 

That’s why having the right identity–and claiming it for yourself is the most important thing you can do. 

It’s more important than the strategies, tools and tactics.

We spend a lot of time working on this for our students inside Cohere Academy.

And I might be a little biased… but I believe the personal transformation is far more powerful than the useful tools we have 🙂 

Would love for you to ask yourself… 

What identity do you need to let go of and are you ready to step into your new identity as an online entrepreneur? 

With love,

Anette Oran


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