My NEW podcast is out!

Anette here 🙂 My new podcast, Heart Led Leaders has JUST launched!  You can watch/listen to the first episode here or search “Heart Led Leaders” on your favorite podcast platform.  In this first episode I talk about:  –  Why I quit my YouTube for over 5 years & wanted to start it again!  –  The …

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Messy action vs perfect execution

When I look back at the things that “moved the needle” the most and allowed me to create a successful coaching business–and now a software business that helps over 1000 coaches… It’s leaning into (and being okay) with messy action.  Here’s what I mean…  If you’re anything like me, you probably like things done a …

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“Who am I to do this…”

Hey it’s Anette here…    2024 is underway and inside the Cohere Academy we’ve been deep into getting our businesses ready and launched.  But there’s one thing I’d like to talk about today… And that’s how many folks join excited, passionate about becoming a coach, healer, teacher… But as they get started, find it hard …

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